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White With Foam
Ipecac, 2009

Sunny Kim/vocals
Trevor Dunn/bass, keys, vocals
Hilmar Jensson/guitar
Ches Smith/drums,vibes

MadLove: White with Foam


Far be it for me to suggest that numerology has to do with anything, but the release date of this disc, 9.01.09, seems somehow providential to me. I rarely know what I'm talking about, but I do know that this new rock band of mine feels like an achievement in a strictly socio-political-spiritual-humanistic-sitting-around-watching-TV sort of way. I don't even have cable. I never needed it. I've been listening to records for 35 years. I'm not sure how that will translate to the kids these days. I'm over-the-hill, but that is something that I refuse to believe.
Four Films
Trevor Dunn
Tzadik, 2008

Shelley Burgon/harp
Marika Hughes/cello
Chris Speed/clarinet
Tim Keiper/percussion
Rob Burger/rhodes
Olivier Conan/voice
Kenny Wolleson/drums
TD/other instruments

Trevor Dunn


I'm very excited to finally release a cross section of independent film music—some of which is five years old. All the music was recorded at home; I played most of the instruments myself but also had the help of some irreplaceable New York musicians.
Shelley Burgon & Trevor Dunn
Skirl Records, 2006

SB/harp, TD/contrabass

Trevor Dunn


Back in March of 2005, Shelley and I toured the great South Eastern US. It was a classic self-booked, self-funded, self-driven 17-day, non-stop road-hashing that took us to such unlikely places as Chattanooga, Charleston and Hattiesburg. We crashed on people's floors, ate their mom's food and played every kind of place from record store to rock club to art venue. If you've never had the runs on a US Interstate in the middle of the night then you've never lived.

Our last show of the tour was in Baltimore, MD. It was our lowest paying gig and we high-tailed it out of there right after we played to get home to our cats.

This CD is the documentation of that gig in it's chronological entirety. It's a glimpse into what we did every night for two weeks. Our friend Chris Speed was kind enough to release it on his new label. Skirl has yet to acquire distribution so you should buy them from me directly or go or go to Downtown Music Gallery when you're in NYC.
At Blim
Shelley Burgon, Trevor Dunn & Brett Larner
Audiobot, 2005

SB/harp, TD/bass, BL/koto

Dunn/Larner/Burgon: At Blim

Shelley and I did a short tour of the West coast in Oct 2004. We played at Blim in Vancouver, Canada.

For our second set we invited our friend Brett to join us and this is the raw document of that improvised trio performance. Four tracks; about 30 minutes of music. Limited to 150 copies. Packaged in silkscreened cardboard.

Shelley Burgon & Trevor Dunn
Shelley Burgon & Trevor Dunn

SB/pedal harp, TD/contrabass

Trevor Dunn


You may notice that this CD does not have a title but in fact it is metaphysically titled "How Far Is Far?"

But you don't really need to know that.

What you do need to know is that this is a self-produced improv recording and I'm really proud of it. Fifteen completely acoustic tracks.

If you want a copy you have to send me some money and we will personally manufacture one for you. Totally punk rock and grassroots.

Not sold in stores!!!!
Sister Phantom Owl Fish
Trevor Dunn's trio-convulsant
Ipecac, 2004

Trevor Dunn/bass
Mary Halvorson/guitar
Ches Smith/drums
Special guest: Shelley Burgon/harp

Trevor Dunn's trio-convulsant - Sister Phantom Owl Fish


The second trio-convulsant release, long over-due (six years since their debut!). This new CD features an all new line-up, more power chords, more variations on form and a more mature sense of orchestration and counterpoint. Written and recorded in Brooklyn, it's also slightly darker and more abrasive in spite of the fact that it features a quartet arrangement of a Duke Ellington ballad.

For an artist bio please visit the Ipecac website
Trevor Dunn's trio-convulsant
Buzz, 1998

Trevor Dunn/bass
Adam Levy/guitar
Kenny Wollesen/drums

Trevor Dunn's Trio-Convulsant - debutantes & centipedes


This is the original configuration of Dunn's trio-convulsant (hyphen and lower case essential). A band that recorded one record and played one show. Trevor puts his 13 years experience as a "sideman" to use; having learned so many times over how NOT to lead a band, he came up with a self-produced, nine song, 55-minute CD of original compositions inspired, in part, by the writings of the founder of Surrealism, Andre Breton, the films of Spanish director Luis Buñuel, the groove of jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal and the abrasiveness of the Melvins.

Somewhat difficult to find but I've been told it's easiest to locate on-line or in used bins at your local record store.

For a review of the CD, check out:

Released on Buzz records (a division of Challenge) based in Amsterdam.
Phillip Greenlief & Trevor Dunn
Evander, 1996

PG/saxophone and flute, TD/bass

Phillip Greenlief / Trevor Dunn


"Spontaneous composition with saxophone and bass"

Dimensions of bassist Dunn arise in a program of improvised duets with Greenlief’s reeds. Literate, to say the least, it has an epigram from Samuel Beckett and titles that refer to Mikhail Bulgakov, Andre Breton and Isadore Ducasse. They’re keys to the kinds of demands this duo makes. A First impression of low key music gradually gives way to a sense of quiet intensity with each successive hearing. There’s a concentrated linear development, with evident constructivist thought on every track, and the sense of parts missing, often a difficulty in listening in duo music, never arises. In fact, the duo’s music is so refined, its integrity so distinctive, that it’s easier to say what it isn't. There’s never a sense of the easy effect, the hot lick, or the obvious source; instead, there is an overriding will to form and to direct address. The result is demanding without ever being aggressive.

Stuart Broomer—Cadence Magazine, February 1997
Consuming Capitalism
To Go Numb Films, 2003

Consuming Capitalism

This is a 20/minute DVD of a college/documentary film by Baltimore/based director Peter Bolte. Trevor composed, played and recorded all of the music at home, which runs throughout the film. There is a section which features Shelley Burgon on harp.

You, my friend, can find more information on this film, or purchase the DVD by visiting
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