08/07/2019 21:41:43 Anita

Hi sir! This might be a cliché question, but from what've read you are quite the movie and literature enthusiastic. So my questions are: who are your favorite directors and writers? And does this other artistic expressions affect or inspire your work with music? And did you ever felt the will to experiment with other artistic languages? I know you've wrote the lyrics on Mr Bungle's "Retrovertigo", so I thought maybe yoh liked writing or something. Thank you for your time!


I have many favorite film directors. Tarkovsky, Kazan and Gilliam are three of them, all very different of course. For writers I love Disch, Calvino, Plath and Artaud. All expressions of art affect and inspire my work for sure. Sometimes I intentionally go to the museum or watch an old Twilight Zone for inspiration. I was into drawing at a younger age and have experimented with paper collage. I’ve also done a lot of writing myself— writing lyrics for “songs” preceded being a musician. Aside from several other Bungle tunes I wrote all the lyrics on the MadLove record. I love words.

Trevor Dunn