08/10/2019 13:58:40 Chiara Bazzani

Hi. I met you in Ferrara (Italy) for the Dan Weiss concert. I must admit I went there because of you.. and I'm very happy to have heard the concert for it's been very good and I bought the record afterward. I would have liked to talk to you after the concert and ask you lot of things, but I was worried to tease you so I didn't. But I have a question, just a curiosity. I asked you to sign the Mr Bungle self title album and you just wrote a bar, with few notes, maybe in a bass key. Can you remember what song was it (cos I don't read bass lines and I can't play)? Thanks. And thanks to keep on making music.


Thanks for coming to the show. I’m always happy to hear that people come check out other kinds of music just because I’m there — not for any ego stroke, but because a musician like Dan, for instance, should be heard. Also, thanks for not teasing me. I often sign merchandise with an impromptu “composition”. I don’t think about it much, I just write some random stuff and they are most likely all different. If you learn how to read bass clef you’ll be able to hear it.

Trevor Dunn