08/19/2019 8:57:06 Ben

Hey Trevor! Super excited to be lucky enough to score a ticket to the SF Bungle show in February despite the fuckery of the scalper bots.
Given how much time had passed, I'm curious if you were surprised at the overwhelming response fans had to these three shows--especially considering not as many of them are familiar with "Raging Wrath" material? Regardless, I am excited to hear you guys revisit it.
I won't hold my breath for any new material, but if it does come to pass I hereby release you to use "fuckery of the scalper bots" as a song title.


I personally was very surprised by the response and still slightly cautious that many will be disappointed when we don’t play anything from our records. People don’t like to read apparently, whether it be a flyer, press release, email or fine print. Congrats on getting tickets!

Trevor Dunn