08/15/2019 14:17:40 Beau

Dear Trevor,
When I invite people over to my humble abode for an evening of tea and sherry, I end up putting on the video of My Ass Is On Fire and my guests become horrified. I get strange looks, frowns and comments like, "Why do you always put that shit on every time I come over?" It's almost to the point where my once-popular soirees are dwindling in numbers and has really put a dampening on my social status. What can you recommend in the way of music that would be more enjoyable for high brow society?
Thank you
P.S. See you at the Warfield


It’s curious that you saw the dwindling of your clientele happen slowly and yet chose to continue to offend them. I think you aren’t actually into your own soirees. Maybe you’re not the people person you think you are. The question “Why do you always put that shit on every time I come over” is valid and deserves an answer. If you’re going high brow and predictable I’d stick with some Bach or Scarlatti. Of course, if you’re going to do that y’all better be able to discus six-four chords, the counter-subjects of fugues and picardy 3rds.

Trevor Dunn