08/18/2019 4:44:44 Patrick Hoolign

Hi Trevor! Thank you so much for the music you have provided the world over the last *gasp! 40 some odd years! I am a bassist and guitarist and have played since youth and gotta say that your riffs have blown my brain out over the years. As a Thrash fan and performer, I couldn't be more excited about the one off Mr. Bungle shows upcoming in 2020 (cya in NYC!). Obviously having Dave and Scott involved just solidifies the Thrash motif you guys will be displaying and I was hoping you might elaborate on particular songs/albums from the 80's Metal era that you loved. One off albums that shaped my playing were: Overkill (Years of decay), Flotsam and Jetsam (Doomsday for the Deceiver), Sacred Reich (The American Way [always loved the MP and MB mention in 31 flavors] and Surf Nicaragua). Thanks for entertaining throughout the years!


My favorite ‘80s “thrash” bands were Mercyful Fate (Melissa, Don’t Break The Oath) and Exodus (Bonded By Blood). I was also into crossover-era DRI and COC — especially COC’s Animosity. Also, from Germany, Destruction’s Infernal Overkill. I would say in general that a lot of my riffage as a young tyke was influenced by Exodus, but I was listening to all kinds of thrash and punk back then: Hirax, Exciter, Raven, 7 Seconds, Discharge, GBH…..

Trevor Dunn