08/08/2019 15:01:08 Nancy

Hey so uhh I currently just turned 14 and am trying to be good at bass and you’re my inspiration right now haha,, I don’t have a very good question at all because I’m currently pretty tired but do you think I could ever like pursue a career in music because I’m supposed to be like good at art and be an artist or something but idk, I have this idea of being in a cool band and all that but it’s just my brain telling me what I want to hear haha you probably won’t see this but I hope you know that I really love your music :)) also cometotheukpleaseifyouwant


You can do whatever you want. If you want to be in a band then start one. Find a drummer to play with. Learn how to read music. Learn your favorite songs by ear. Write some songs. Start now and don’t stop. If you’re “supposed” to be good (assuming this is what people have told you) then you probably are or at least have the potential to be. Do what you love. Also stay in school, eat your greens and be nice but assertive.

Trevor Dunn