08/07/2019 23:47:26 Matt

Hello there, I suppose I'l start with a fun story, there are three other people called Matt where I work, one day I was talking about bass players to a friend and was rambling on about this guy Trevor Dunn, long story short people call me "Trev" in the office now. Sweet gig.

As for my question, I am curious if there are any artistic mediums apart from music / film that you have ever tried or would want to get more involved with in the future?


Hm, is that a fun story? My mom calls me “Trev”. Sometimes it’s awkward when others do. As I mentioned in a previous question I love writing words and pasting pieces of paper together. Hope to do more of both of those in the future, time permitting. But in terms of just being “involved with” other mediums I’m open to anything. Would love to work with dancers some day.

Trevor Dunn