08/14/2019 8:56:53 dfesenmyer

I'm curious what has been the most financially lucrative project / tour / etc you have taken on in your professional career? Touring with Melvins, Fantomas, Mad Love, Zorn, guest spots, one-off shows? teaching? something else I'm not thinking of? I assume (maybe wrongly?) - that recording isn't as lucrative. Your career has been so vast and diverse (a true working musician), it's always left me wondering "what paid best?".. thanks.


It’s not easy to calculate as it depends on the length of the gig or tour or whatnot. When Fantômas played in Brazil our set kept getting cut shorter due to festival tech problems. I think we played for 30 minutes and Buzz and I reminded each other on stage during the set how much we just made for one tune. Bungle certainly got more lucrative in ‘99 and 2000. I got paid a lot per song on Brian “Head” Welsh’s solo album which I still have not heard to this day. I also turned down a tour with Korn because the offer was below my standards. Go figure. And teaching doesn’t pay shit, fyi.

Trevor Dunn