08/26/2019 12:13:42 mac

Do you have any advice for a sad chump who did not get picked for the lottery after three days and three attempts securing a ticket for the MB reunion?


Fix the system. I’m actually pretty pissed off about the whole scalping debacle and also some of the fans reactions. Everyone seems to have their suggested solutions but they don’t consider the all the problems those “solutions” have. As long as people keep buying from scalpers those scalpers will have jobs. I come from an era where you’d buy paper tickets at a record store and carry it with you to the show. Of course, most shows I go to are obscure artists who don’t sell out immediately. That’s where you gotta adapt the “98 Year Old Refrigerator” mentality. I’ll do my best to help fix this problem if I’m ever part of something like this again.

Trevor Dunn