08/15/2019 17:52:27 Adam

Hello, I saw you perform in Cleveland with your Trio Convulsant and Fantomas 15 years ago. During your trio set, you said between songs that Mary and Ches shared an 8th of mushrooms, and joked "I don't know what the fuck they're playing, but it's not what I wrote!"

I assume you were joking about the mushrooms, but what are your thoughts on musicians using psychedelics for a creative boost? What typical, more "innocent" ways do you use to get your creative juices flowing if you ever feel like your writing is lacking inspiration?


I was indeed joking yet I am not against moderate amounts of psychedelics or even a bit of weed and/or wine to break through those annoying self-imposed filters. I just answered a question about dealing with being uninspired so please refer to that!

Trevor Dunn