Well looky here. Brand spanking new website. It even works on smart phones! Hard to believe when I had this site refurbished in 2005 it was before people carried around their entire lives and access to everything in their back pockets. As usual it takes me a while to catch up.

First off, big shout out to Alex Crane who migrated and hacked all kinds of code and binary AI html action not to mention artfully designed the layout that is what you see before you. Not an easy task to shovel close to 150 recordings from one place to another. And now that it’s housed in Squarespace I will have a much easier time updating information including my performance calendar. This, in conjunction with my Twitter and Instagram accounts, guarantees a packed house at every venue, right?

I also started Bandcamp for my two duo recordings with Shelley Burgon. I may add some archival video(s) of us playing from 2007 not to mention I will continue to nonchalantly hide some weirdness within the walls of this site as time goes on. There are new links to other Bandcamps as well including a newly mastered version of the Junk Genius album from 1995; the underrated and rare Leverage Models as well as some vinyl-only stuff that you’ll just have to poke around to find.

Needless to say, after 5 years of neglect, there were approximately 20 recordings I had yet to add to my discography. In addition to those there are a number of recordings in the can that should make their way up here this coming year. Phillip Greenlief and I got together and recorded a bunch of improvisations 30 years after our previous duo release. Still have to choose pieces and possibly do some editing but I’m pretty stoked we revisited us. Kris Davis started her own label, Pyroclastic Records, and will soon release a multi-ensemble session. I got to play a bunch with Terri Lynn Carrington! Also made a trio record with Brian Marsella —his original tunes; Dan Weiss’ Starebaby recorded a second record — probably enough material for two records and the same thing happened with the Nels Cline Singers Unlimited (including guests Cyro Baptista, Skerik and Brian Marsella.)

I mentioned a few months back on social media that turning 50 in 2018 came with a tap on the shoulder from Old Man Mortality. Being a performer and composer is a tricky road to travel and I have kept my own projects on the back burner for far too long. I decided to finish no less than 5 projects in the shortest time possible. Though two are finished it is probably realistic to not expect the others until the middle of next year. The two that are finished are my chamber disc Nocturnes and a soundtrack for New Zealand filmmaker F. Theodore Elliott. We’re hoping release the film and music together at some point.

That leaves 3 other projects that I am trying to squeeze in writing between sporadic touring with Zorn, Wendy Eisenberg, Oliver Steidle, & Dan Weiss. One of those projects, the already legendary SpermChurch, is nearly finished. SPCH is my duo with Dutch electronic musician Sannety and you should check out her stuff at We will also launch our own website in the near future. For over ten years I’ve been writing a bunch of songs I suppose I would consider “singer/songwriter” for lack of better description. It’s not just me and an acoustic guitar—the orchestration is varied and the songwriting is somewhere in the vein of MadLove but less “rock”…I guess? Don’t ask me what kind of music I make. I’m doing a lot of singing on it that’s for sure. And finally, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with trio-convulsant. I wrote a whole book that we played at The Stone in 2015 which involved a string quartet. I wasn’t happy with what I wrote and scrapped most of that book. Back to the drawing board. Hoping to unveil whatever that is within a year. It’s one of those beasts of a project whose identity isn’t readily apparent to me yet.

Speaking of the Stone I’ll be doing another residency there starting the end of October. Check for details. Making some plans with Buzz Osborne for 2020 and currently in the process of concocting a bonkers endeavor that should give a few kids heart attacks.

And against my better judgement I opened up the Copia Verborum page again, so you can ask me your highly intelligent questions and I will use all the will power I have to not be snarky and mean.

thanks for visiting!


Trevor Dunn