08/12/2019 5:33:11 Whysee

Hi Trevor,
When did you know you were going to make a living as a musician ?
What do you think might be your biggest accomplishment as an artist ?
What goals would you like to achieve as a musician ?


I quit a job at a pizza joint to join a bar band that paid better and took less time which helped while I was in college. I suppose at that point, aged 18, I figured it was at least a good possibility I could continue making a living this way. Can’t say I ever “knew” I was going to do it — every year of my adult life has been a guessing game in terms of income.

Biggest accomplishment? Wow. I don’t know how to answer that. It depends on what that word means. I like to credit myself for initially putting Mr. Bungle together (I arranged our very first jam session) so that could be it. Making a living playing weird music in general could be one as well.

I would like to achieve a wider understanding of music, a better ear and ability to manifest in sound what I hear in my head.

Trevor Dunn