08/12/2019 5:12:12 Caitlin O'Connor

Mr. Dunn,
I appreciate all of your incredible contributions to music through the years! I've thoroughly enjoyed your many projects...
Regarding the recent Bungle Tweet teasing (insert your eyeroll here), do you enjoy our pain? Haha
Onto the serious: sadly, I have you to see you perform live! Will you be taking any of your projects- Nocturnes, etc... on the road (U.S. tour) anytime soon? Thanks so much and keep fighting the good fight for worthwhile music!


I do enjoy your pain! :D I can’t deny a bit of sado-masochism on my part. Certainly some power issues going on there. I’ll talk to my therapist.

It’s quite difficult to bring projects like my chamber music on the road. It’s expensive and difficult to get the right money and circumstances for the performers. Hopefully that will change over time as I become a respected classical composer and the commissions start flooding in :D I’m hoping my trio-convulsant will see some touring time in the near future.

Trevor Dunn