08/08/2019 13:26:55 Merv Griffin

Getting tired of all the mr bungle-questions? Yeah? Prepare yourself for a snooze fest.
- I've noticed that the mr bungle-facebook page has been quite active recently. Rumblings of a reunion or just wanting to cream some more dough out of the "brand"?
- I read somewhere that there exists some unreleased songs recorded during the time of the recording of your albums. Any thoughts about releasing them? A more hi-def Mr Nice Guy would be great (the "verses" in that song contains the greatest pop/rnb melody I've ever heard).
- did you earn enough dough during bungles touring/recording-lifespan to get by or was it necessary for you, financially, to stay busy with other gigs as well?
- did you get your share of royalties from avenged sevenfolds cover of retrovertigo? What did you think about their cover?
- do you feel more love now for bungle than you did "back in the day"?

On an ending note, I really appreciate your work. I met you at the stone in NYC a couple of years back. My girlfriend took a photo of me and you where you look really uncomfortable because I held my arm around you. I guess I was starstruck. Sorry about that.


Your name is not Merv Griffin, it’s George. To answer your first question, yes I am. I don’t run or administer the Bungle FB page so can’t answer any questions about that. There are indeed a couple recorded songs from each of our records that never made the cut (lack of room probably the main reason) and yes, there has been thought of releasing them someday. So far, just a thought.

Bungle rarely made any money save for our last couple of tours. Aside from earning a living I certainly had to keep busy when we weren’t. That’s why I played a lot of restaurant and wedding gigs when I lived in SF in the ‘ 90s, and I mean A LOT.

The way the business works is that ideally we will see publishing money from that cover. We don’t get royalties from their record sales, but if the system works we will see something for writing credit. I was super proud to see a band cover a song I wrote.

Not sure about your last question. You mean the love received? That has always been strong, but certainly people want what they can’t have. In terms of people wanting to make money off us now, yes, definitely more love.

I’m not big on being touched by strangers but no worries. Thanks for coming to the show!

Trevor Dunn