08/08/2019 11:48:25 Julien

Hello Trevor,
Thank you for giving us back the possibility to communicate with you. I'm a bit of a completist and make sure your discography is complete on Discogs.
So i was checking these releases:


Do you remember having played on these recordings?
The first one seems to be one of your earliest recordings as a guest on someone else album
The second one is a Canadian band where you share bass duties with another guy.

By the way I saw two weeks ago with Zorn's Bagatelle. It was a blast! TYVM!


Woah, you have gone in deep. I remember recording with Kevyn Dymond in Arcata, CA when I was in college. He played in a local punk band called R4. I think for that cassette he hired many local musicians to record in weird combinations. I’m on one song if I’m not mistaken, it might be the one called “Not Even A Spatula” but I’m not 100% sure. Patton might even be on that. Danny Heifetz plays on “School Bus Driver” which has some great lyrics I can recall to this day. The other recording I have no idea. It’s possible that’s me. Could have been a live recording, or something I did when I happened to be in Vancouver. It could also not be me…. There could be other recordings I’m on that, for whatever reason, I forgot about or the bandleader never sent me a copy.

Trevor Dunn