08/13/2019 13:24:30 Cheap Tuesdays

Hey Trevor! I am a huge fan of your work, especially Bungle, Madlove, and all the work you have done with Zorn. I think we're all grateful to have this forum set up again, as it was super entertaining the last time you did it.
I do a university radio show, and I would love to do a feature on some of your favourite albums and/or songs across different genres. You have always seemed to have a wide variety of interests and playing styles, so I think it would be entertaining to me and my listeners to hear about what you listen to for enjoyment.
I was thinking of hitting at least one of each of the following genres: rock, metal, jazz, classical, movie scores, experimental, hip hop, electronic, but naturally whatever you want to share would be much appreciated. You could list individual songs or just the albums, whatever is easier for you.
Thanks and keep up the awesome work!


Cool! Being a radio dj is a fantasy of mine. Depending on where you live perhaps we could share the dj role. Regardless, I’m happy to make a gigantic list for you.

Trevor Dunn