08/13/2019 15:17:19 Chiara Bazzani

So, Mr Dunn. Now we know.. Bungle are back. Almost thousands of people around the world are thrilled for this reunion. Can I ask you about the peculiar (in my opinion) choice to play the demo version of your first album? Thanks. Ps. I risked a heart attack today...


After a few years of playing with Lombardo it occurred to me that The RW demo never got it’s due and would deserve to be realized by one of the innovators, if not the absolute master, of the genre. The demo was poorly recorded and for the most part amateurishly performed. I personally believe the music holds it’s own. I guess you can be the judge of that once you hear the ideas clearly executed. Peculiar? To me, not at all, but then again, have you heard my music lately?

Trevor Dunn