08/10/2019 18:40:3 1Kiernan

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for all the great music over the years. Must be nice to have written music that has such staying power and influences so many different people!
Once a song is published, do you ever go back to it years later and wish you could modify parts of it or rearrange it? Or once it's out there in public, you just learn to live with it?
Lastly, when writing songs, how do you know when a song is finished/completed? I could see it being a never ending process of tinkering, so was wondering if it is usually deadline based or it just clicks when it's complete.


Thanks for listening! Once something is mastered or published there is no choice but to live with it. I certainly hear finished things all the time that I would like to improve on. Probably everything I’ve ever done to be honest. Deadlines are good because they force one to stop. Striving for perfection is the goal but the fact that it is never achieved is the impetus. It is a never ending process but sometimes you just know when something is done. Also giving yourself limits helps, such as only using a certain number of instruments. And then there is the balance with whatever else is on the record. Does it need another dense song or perhaps something thin and simple?

Trevor Dunn