08/10/2019 23:33:04 Loki

There is a clip on YouTube of Fantomas playing All Tomorrow's Parties back in 2008 where you appear to be pretty drunk. You tell a funny joke about a library and a chip shop, but mostly look like you're having problems standing up. As soon as the set starts, muscle memory takes over and you seem completely fine. Have you ever been so drunk/under the influence that you haven't been able to play?


It baffles me that people think I was actually drunk. There’s no way I could play that music drunk. That was the joke. Apparently it went over everyone’s head. I have never been too drunk to play. I wouldn’t do that to my band mates nor the audience. I’ve played with people who were too drunk to play and it’s not fun. I like to joke around but ultimately I take music very seriously.

Trevor Dunn