08/12/2019 16:11:43 Manos Michaelides

Hi Trevor and thank you for the chance to answer our questions.
What would be your advice to a self-taught bass player like me, with minimum theoretical background, who works basically with tabs, in order to progress?
How easy is it for a bass player to switch to double bass?
Thank you for your time!


I’m not a fan of tabs. I believe traditional notation is much more efficient and universal. If I were you I would take some private lessons. I would also learn your favorite bass lines by ear, play a lot with records, a metronome and an actual drummer! Learn to read and check out some transcriptions— not just of bass but all kinds of stuff—whatever you’re into. Double bass is quite a different beast, but you don’t have to “switch” necessarily. You can add it to your palette. They both inform each other. Nothing is easy. That’s the best advice I can give.

Trevor Dunn