08/12/2019 18:41:15 Brandon Judeh

Hey Trevor,
First off, any news on when and if Fantômas will be doing a new project?
Also, any recollection of Bungle playing in Cleveland in the Spring of 92? The show where Patton passed out liquor and smashed the house lights? Great show.


No news from me on Fantômas as that’s not my band.
Ah Cleveland ‘92. Legendary Bungle show. We had a clause in our contract that said we had the right to cancel any shows advertised as “Mike Patton’s Other Band” or using the name “Faith No More”in the promotion. Fortunately for us most of the shows on that tour were sold out and we weren’t planning on screwing over the audience and cancelling. Instead we wrecked stuff. As Trey related in a recent interview, the venue didn’t like us —maybe it started because we threatened to bail, I don’t recall. They turned off the monitors during our show so Patton started handing them out to the audience. After the show, during arguments about what we should pay for, the venue locked us inside. I remember feeling threatened. Someone called the cops eventually came and broke up the situation. Before we left, Patton took a shit in a paper bag and put it in a microwave that he then set for an hour or so.

Trevor Dunn