08/13/2019 5:44:32 tURD gURGLER

Followup to the "linchpin" question - Clearly you are not one to look back - very evident from your musical path. I think you & Mike & Trey would make something completely inconceivably and tremendously new - given the musical paths you have each gone on since Bungle. My guess is that it would be impossible to re-visit that & call it Bungle w/o revisiting the old material. Am I on the right path? What is your reasoning if not? Would it be possible to do something w/ those guys & just call it Bill and Wanda's Fabulous Baloney Bus and go in a totally new direction?


I think that anything Trey, Mike and I do together will somehow be under the moniker of Bungle. Why rename it? That band doesn’t have a blueprint and never will. I’m sure someone will read into that but it’s not necessary to do so.

Trevor Dunn