08/13/2019 2:40:57 Mindbait

The compliments: Love your work, from Carry Stress, Retrovertigo and Holy Filament (and everything else, but those are favourites) with Bungle. Madlove (was living in the UK, usually from NZ, and saw your show at ATP), Trio Convulsant and the brilliant Four Films. Excited about Sperm Church and the Singer/Songwriter Record.

The Recommendations: got into Jaco Pastorius through your previous Q&A and that through a twisting path led me to revisit Elvin Jones. A reciprocal recommendation: have you checked out the NPR Tiny Desk concerts?

The Questions: Do you generally write for specific projects, or do you give yourself room to write whatever comes and find a home for it later?
You've done a few groups and collaborations. Do you have offers that you turn down, or are you pretty open to what comes along?
Last but not least, do you have a home-recording setup or an on-the-road way of recording your ideas; if so, what do you use?


Love the Tiny Desk series. Here’s one:

In terms of your question about writing, I do both. Lots of scraps of ideas lying around waiting for a home.
I’m open to a lot but I do have to turn things down if I’m either not into the music or the money isn’t good enough. The 3 criteria for accepting a gig are 1) Do I like the music? 2) Do I want to work with the people? 3) Is the money good? Usually a yes to 2 out of 3 will mean I’ll take the gig.
I don’t record on the road but always carry a note book and sometimes jot down ideas. At home I use a very simple DAW with Logic, a couple of pre-amps and a couple good microphones.

Trevor Dunn