08/11/2019 19:24:09 Shaun N

People say that the best way to enjoy "Disco Volante" is under the influence of LSD
Now, I've never done LSD, but to me, the best way to enjoy "Disco Volante" is to be 36+ hours without sleep, only awake due to regular double espresso, and fresh from hours of reading weird theories about space exploration. Listening with headphones only.

Is it just me? I'd feel rather disappointed if it was. One of the wildest trips one can have legally.


I suppose people say a lot of things, don’t they? The truth is, DV was made completely sober but did in fact include some sleep deprivation. Now, that is a subject. Sleep deprivation is quite harmful and one can actually die from lack of sleep. Damn, that sounds horrible. Space exploration is also a good topic as is deep sea diving. Is James Bond a stereotypical chauvinist from a less woke era? Yes he is. I wonder if people also like DV sober. It pains me to consider why the reason I don’t like the Grateful Dead is because it seem one has to be high to enjoy such drivel. Is DV equally boring without alteration?

Trevor Dunn