08/11/2019 20:03:05 Alex

I saw on your instagram that you are using iPod. I was wondering how much are you satisfied with the sound with compressed formats like mp3 and mp4. What headphones do you use and do you use any additional DACs? Sometimes I miss sound of a cassete playing thru my old cassete player. Whatever I use, regarding portable players, I'm missing warmth and soul. Also, who wrote Chemical Marriage and was there some music that influenced that wierd awsome tune?


I listen to music on all formats: vinyl, CDs, mp3s, cassette (this format the least). I have a tendency to be skeptical about the “warmth” of analogue. Tests have been conducted with audiophiles who can’t tell the difference (same goes for wine and wine connoisseurs). I can theorize that this so-called warmth is really just noise and ambiance, and I say that with all due respect to noise and ambiance. I’m totally fine with compressed formats and don’t use additional DACs. On the road I use Bose noise-cancelling headphones, but they are expensive and have a shelf-life due to bad design. I’ll never forget the first time I heard classical music on a CD and could hear the musicians turning pages! Never heard that on vinyl before. I don’t really believe that any warmth or soul is lost on digital mediums; I think it more depends on what you focus on.

Trey wrote Chemical Marriage and I think Patton added some of the vocal ideas. I’m guessing exotica played a role, but you’d have to ask the composer himself.

Trevor Dunn