08/12/2019 1:10:09 Ax Bonmati

Hi Trevor, I recently saw you in Marseille for the Bagatelles, really great 4 hours of quality music! I also saw you with the Melvins in Seattle during your 51 shows in a row, great stuff as well!
Well first things first : Thanks for all the great music and projects you've been part of over the years and congrats on your truly brilliant and beautiful work on "Nocturnes", it's great and brings something fresh on the 'strings' pieces' table, even tho so much has been done and said before. Thanks for that!
I have a question : I know you're very busy and all but do you have 'connections' with the Peter Bröztmann, Paal Nilssen-Love, Han Bennink, The Thing, The Ex's scene ? And/or, some music would eventually come out of that ? Thanks for your time! Cheers from France


Thanks so much for the compliments.
I have some connections with some of those people. I played a trio gig with Mr. Bennink and Marshall Allen in Antwerp once! What a mind-fuck that was. Mostly my connections with these musicians are remote or removed by a degree (friends of friends as it were). But eventual collaboration in any form is always a possibility especially in this somewhat incestual world of musicians.

Trevor Dunn