08/07/2019 16:37:57Andrea

Hi, I'm curious about the MadLove writing process.
Did you started with bass lines, melodies, lyrics in your head?
Were the other band members able to add their ideas in a significant way other than arrangements or did you had the music ready based on who you knew in advanced was going to play it?
Sorry for the length and thanks for taking the time to anwer questions again.


I wrote everything on guitar first and made demos at home. In most cases everything was somewhat riff-oriented and I thought about melodies and bass parts afterwards. The songs were completely finished when we went into the studio but I definitely let Ches, Hilmar and Sunny do their thing. For instance on “Left With Nothing” I told Ches I wanted a drum part, not just a beat. So that’s what he came up with. For “Knowing” I told Sunny I wanted harmonies on everything and she came up with those. I remember Hilmar had some ideas for additional guitar parts on “Absence & Noise”, for example. I think it’s always a good idea to let good musicians surprise you.

Trevor Dunn