08/13/2019 19:06:36 Luis M.

Congratulations on the Raging Wrath tour date announcement!
When you say you're doing Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny in its entirety, do you mean you guys are switching instruments around for Hypocrites and actually playing Evil Satan? Or should we reasonably expect those tracks to be replaced with others more in tune with the '86 thrash theme?
If you do play Evil Satan, will those be the first bass slaps you've played live since the Bungle days?
Thanks for making this happen, even though I'll only get to watch it from afar somehow.


We have yet to decide on those anomalies of tunes but it’s unlikely we’ll do Evil Satan. I have actually slapped on Leverage Model recordings as well as some Zorn stuff believe it or not. We will also be unearthing a few gems from the ‘80s Crossover era that never saw the light of day as well as some classic covers. Stay tuned.

Trevor Dunn