Shelley Burgon & Trevor Dunn

Skirl Records,  2006


Back in March of 2005, Shelley and I toured the great South Eastern US. It was a classic self-booked, self-funded, self-driven 17-day, non-stop road-hashing that took us to such unlikely places as Chattanooga, Charleston and Hattiesburg. We crashed on people's floors, ate their mom's food and played every kind of place from record store to rock club to art venue. If you've never had the runs on a US Interstate in the middle of the night then you've never lived.

Our last show of the tour was in Baltimore, MD. It was our lowest paying gig and we high-tailed it out of there right after we played to get home to our cats.

This CD is the documentation of that gig in it's chronological entirety. It's a glimpse into what we did every night for two weeks. Our friend Chris Speed was kind enough to release it on his new label. This can be purchased from the Skirl link below or my Bandcamp page (see also my other duo CD with Shelley) or go to Downtown Music Gallery when you're in NYC.