Trevor Dunn's trio-convulsant

Buzz,  1998

Trevor Dunn/bass
Adam Levy/guitar
Kenny Wollesen/drums

This is the original configuration of Dunn's trio-convulsant (hyphen and lower case essential). A band that recorded one record and played one show. Trevor puts his 13 years experience as a "sideman" to use; having learned so many times over how NOT to lead a band, he came up with a self-produced, nine song, 55-minute CD of original compositions inspired, in part, by the writings of the founder of Surrealism, Andre Breton, the films of Spanish director Luis Buñuel, the groove of jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal and the abrasiveness of the Melvins.

Somewhat difficult to find but I've been told it's easiest to locate on-line or in used bins at your local record store.

For a review of the CD, check out:

Released on Buzz records (a division of Challenge) based in Amsterdam.