Trevor Dunn

Tzadik,  2019

Jennifer Choi/violin
Cornelius Dufallo/violin
Lev Zhurbin/viola
Yves Dharamraj/cello
Vicky Chow/piano
Carla Kihlstedt/violin

As opposed to my duo recording with Teun this on is 100% notated. Four pieces I’ve written over the course of many years. The oldest one dates back to 1989 — a solo for bass accompanied by string quartet all playing artificial harmonics. The 2nd movement of the string quartet was written 10 years before the other two movements. Simple, melodic piano pieces beautifully played by Vicky and a weird conceptual/psychological piece for trio. I’m super happy to finally have a collection of chamber music played by incredible musicians. Looking forward to doing more of this type of thing.