Ghost Ship

Nels Cline Singers

SASSAS Records,  2017

Nels Cline/guitar, effects
Scott Amendola/drums, electronics
Zeena Parkins/electric harp, effects

This is one of those classic epic Nels Cline odyssey pieces that last’s a good 10 minutes and sounds like that scary episode of Twilight Zone where the guy keeps reliving his war crime on a sinking battleship. If you could translate Serling’s WWII angst into a quartet recording, that is. We recorded it back in 2013 for the Macroscope session. SASSAS put this previously unreleased track on a split 12”. Split vinyl! remember those days? The other side is a live recording of a band called Solid Eye whom I know nothing about. Maybe I should Google that. The cover art is by Sterling Ruby and these are signed and by him and limited to 110 copies.